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WhiteSho is a super game and entertainment application where you can easily play exciting games together wherever you are.

WhiteSho web application is a comprehensive periodical games application, which, in addition to being played all over Iran and other countries to broadcast game roles, especially the mafia game, in various scenarios, also has an attractive general game.

Our goal in designing the WhiteSho website is to design board games online so that if you are not together or before buying the game physically, you can easily play with your friends on the site and have fun.

In WhiteSho, you can easily create many interesting games online, including the mafia game and Hitler's secret game, etc. Then give the game code and password to your friends and play and enjoy together easily on your mobile phone.

WhiteSho also helps you game enthusiasts to easily learn many games with explanations and videos and play them on the site.

One of the problems with physical board games is that you may not be able to play them in a restaurant or in a car while traveling, but with WhiteSho you can easily play and enjoy online anywhere.

Of course, we also have many physical board games in WhiteSho, which you can check and buy if you are interested in them.

Another problem with physical games is that after some time the cards may get damaged or their color may change, but this does not happen when you play WhiteSho online. It may break down after a while.

By registering your mobile number or email, enter the world of WhiteSho game in the shortest possible time and enjoy every moment of the game. Mafia game is designed based on several scenarios and your knowledge about all these scenarios may not be enough. For this reason, WhiteSho has mentioned all the scenarios on its website and you can click on each of these scenarios to see the important points related to them. If you are interested in mafia games, be sure to visit the scenarios section. The variety of scenarios is so attractive and exciting that even if you are not interested in group games, you will be attracted to these games and participate in them.

Mafia Party Game

If you have never discussed this game in any group of mafia fans, don't worry. White show has explained various models of group games such as Jack Sparrow's Godfather, Zodiac Mafia Nights, etc. in a completely understandable way. By entering the site, you can read the most important points about the various roles and scenarios of the mafia game.

Our mobile phones are usually with us at any moment and in any situation. One of the best uses of a mobile phone is to install a game application. Whiteho has also taken the initiative in this field and has designed and presented a special application for the mafia.

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